Chemtrails: A Christian Perspective

Chemtrails: A Christian Perspective

In this video I examine the spiritual beliefs of the people behind the chemtrailing programs, the Luciferian powers behind “New Age” spirituality and the Consciousness Movement, as well as the apathy in the church about topics related to the New World Order. The first section features clips from the film, Age of Deceit, that Gonz Shimura graciously allowed me to use. He has done an outstanding job exposing the spiritual powers behind the New Age and Consciousness movements. The second section is my personal address to Christians about the “End Times” teachings, (which I am convinced is a script, created to create complacency in the church), where it originated and what the agenda behind it may be.

 I was asked to make a shorter version of the video with only the “Message to Christians” section, so I did. You can view it here:

Read more about the history of Dispensationalism here



  1. Ratna Kumar.Ongole says:

    Thank you for your encouragement.

  2. Deborah Bond says:

    Just finished a Theses on this, are u interested?

    • His Heavenly Armies says:

      Deborah, I tried to email you with no success. I would be interested to look at what you found, yes.

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