When is the Truth not the Truth?

When is the Truth not the Truth?

When it’s incomplete.

Deborah Travares is back with another informative presentation about earthquakes, EMP, 5G, and more…

As the web admin of Geoengineeringwatch.org, I worked to expose these crimes for several years. But in this, like so many videos, we’re offered only fear and bad news, the message seems to be, “people need to wake up,” “we’re toast,” “there’s no hope.” The comments below the video indicate that some believe Deborah to be a Christian  although she doesn’t mention anything about it in the video or others I’ve seen, so I don’t know. But Christianity is about hope. And clearly, there’s no hope in this picture.

As I was scrolling through the comments, this one by Ezekiel Watters rang true:

“There’s something about this that makes me a bit suspicious. She lays out the enormity of the situation in stark mind-numbing detail, telling us that our government is already completely taken over and that they’ve thought of everything, and … no solutions. The net psychological effect is that it leaves you convinced that there’s nothing you can do, its all over but the crying as the saying goes. Sounds like something a good psyops trained shill would do doesn’t it? Maybe, maybe not idk.”

Deborah Travares may very well be sincere, but Ezekiel makes a good point, because paralyzing people with fear has been a control tactic since the beginning of time. There’s ample evidence to support the fact that these things are taking place, but this message is ominous and offers no solutions. I firmly believe in awareness, and in utilizing our freedom of speech while we have it. But truth without the hope of Christ is incomplete, and as such, is not the truth at all.

Jn 14;6, Matt 16:26, Jn 16:33, 2 Pet 3:11, 2 Cor 4:16-18, 2 Cor 4:7-9.

That’s not to say that we idly sit by, but if we are shining light on the truth, we need to make sure we’re offering the whole truth, which includes the hope that Jesus Christ has conquered sin and death.

“let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matt 5:16

Just as science, through it’s omission of the soul, fails to explain the human condition, so it is with “truth” devoid of the gospel.

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life…” John 14:6

I welcome your thoughts.


  1. Philip Hamilton says:

    P.s. Also I notice you don’t post your blog links on twitter. Could this be done? 🙂

  2. Phil Hamilton says:

    Hello Yvonne ,
    I was hoping for comments on this for I do find it interesting, the whole ‘truth movement’ and the hopelessness it instills in people including believers.
    I thought your youtube video, ‘Chemtrails: A Christian Perspective’ was very good, and did share when I was on Facebook. But one of the things that you said in it that struck me was, that satan wants us to be focused on what he is doing. I took that to mean, that he wants us to be overwhelmed by all this, and break our spirits.
    I am yet to finish viewing your youtube video of your mothers story, it is very important to take note of. It did make me wonder a lot about all the people’s lives under communism and fascism. And someone in particular who’s writings/audio I have come across recently, Watchman Nee. I have found his work and life a great inspiration, althought I have not look at all his work yet. And I would very much like to get other believers views on his work sometime in the future. I have taken a interest in your NDE account, and your other articles, and was just wondering if you have read any or much of Watchman Nee? I don’t know how busy you are, but I found a section of his writings I read recently so interesting. https://www.ministrybooks.org/books.cfm?id=2752C3 It’s in the menu under ‘Books by Watchman Nee’, then scroll down to 25. ‘Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (set 1) Vol. 14: The Spirtual Man (3)’ There a few section here, but in particular, Section Ten: ‘The Body’ and last chapter ‘Overcoming Death’. He does talk about the Rapture in this last bit, but you may find his take on it interesting. Knowing your video on chemtrails talked about apathy etc, Watchman Nee has a lot to say about the danger of passivity in areas of believers lives.
    Anyway just thought I would share this, but please don’t feel obligated to look or get back to me. 🙂

    All the best, cheers and God bless. Phil.

    • YCNightingale says:

      Hi Phil,
      Thanks for all your interesting input! Yes, I have done quite a bit of research into Watchman Nee for the book I’ve been working on… seemingly forever … about NDE’s (a critical examination). I had both good and bad take away from his work but I’d need to pull it back out to answer specifics since it’s been a while. That said, yes, I think his work is valuable and he had some unique insights. Sorting out how to respond to the “truth movement” has been an ongoing question for me, with my grandfather’s death (a pastor) under communism on one hand and the lack of spiritual perspective in the truth movement, with the exception of Judaized/Dispensational Christianity on the other. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is like everything else; we’re to be in the world but not of it. (Jn 17:16) Our battle is not with flesh and blood. (Eph 6:12) The weapons of our warfare are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. (2 Cor 10:4) aso… And, the creation being formed by things NOT VISIBLE,(Heb 11:3) physical reality is essentially spiritual, The Bible clearly teaches that the battle must be spiritually engaged, while also doing what we can in the natural, as God leads and gives us opportunity. All the while praising God for His great salvation and plan. Because He is the one ultimately in control, not the enemy.

      • Phil Hamilton says:

        Thank you for the Reply Yvonne,
        All the best with the book, I will look forward to it! 🙂

        Cheers and God bless.

  3. Deborah Travares is not a Christian, but I do believe she is doing her best to sound a warning. Is it “fear mongering?” Without Christ this world lives in fear…. is Deborah Travares adding to fear and hopelessness?
    The gal, I think her name is Angela Daley, that spoke at the same meeting that Deborah Travares spoke at about the fires in Santa Rosa, is a Christian.
    Pray Angela had and impact on Deborah, that the true nature that is taking place is a spiritual battle!
    God brings people into the lives of the lost, pray Deborah will see the “bigger picture!” Pray for Angela, she lost her home, she saw the fires were beyond anything “natural!”
    Jesus is using us Christian’s, in the “truth movement” to bring those to Christ, who are also in the so-called “truth movement.”
    As a Christian myself, I have gotten to the point that I do not try to figure out how Jesus is using me for His purpose. Like Yvonne, I do my best to remain in His will, through His Holy Spirit!

    • YCNightingale says:

      Thanks for that clarification! You’re right Dan. We need to be praying for all the brave people who are doing their best to raise awareness.

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