The Noahide Deception (Videos)

The Noahide Deception (Videos)



  1. I read you CERN Scam article here. I know this sounds crazy but Q told us the N in NWO stood for Nazi. Look at NASA’s Project Blue Beam. Fake Messiahs, Fake Holographic Alien Invasion to prompt a One World Government, a New Age Religion in which you listen to your inner voice, the government broadcasting to your brain (we have the tech now – what is CERN and 5g for) Then the mass Genocide of Christians. Sounds crazy? Look at Prepared For Change . Net which pushes the Project Blue Beam Agenda from NASA – Operation Paperclip people. Project Blue Beam calls for the Genocide of Christians. This should be crazy but there is a website and movement.. Faithful Christian Serge Monast tried to warn us.

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