The Christian Conspiracy Theorist Part 2

In our last article, we looked at why anyone should care about conspiracy theories. The conclusion was that we should become Christian Conspiracy Theorists (CCT) and aware of conspiracy theories because they confirm a central theme in the Bible which is that Satan is the ruler of this world. Today, I want to specifically look at not just what difference it makes for a Christian to know conspiracies or be aware of them, but also the more central issue of, “doesn’t it mean you don’t trust God?”

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Bible Facts With Dr Ken Johnson

As Evangelical Christians, the 66 books we have in our hands is all we need to gain salvation through the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord. However, commentary from extra-biblical text and the early church fathers help us fill in some gaps that otherwise would be lost to us in the modern era. Dr. Ken Johnson is one of those folks who have scoured many of these extra-Biblical text and writings of the early church fathers. Using the Bible as the grounded point of reference, Dr. Ken Johnson has been able to paint a picture of the ancient world that few are able to ascertain. From it, he has been able to not only show how the truth is found in the Bible, but also the significance of its prophecies, those already fulfilled and those yet in the future.

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Only a few days ago, dramatic video footage has been published on Youtube (see screen capture above) in which a commercial airliner is being filmed from behind, in close proximity…and quite clearly we see stuff spraying out of the airliner. Clearly, we can see the spray turning off and on. Someone, somewhere (most likely at a military installation) is flipping a switch.

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