Military Behind Up To Four Different Chemtrail Programs

Just what exactly are those mysterious airplane vapor trails seen filling America’s skies? A group of independent investigators may have the answer.In a series of high-tech programs that would enthrall the most dedicated science fiction fans, the military is producing what have become known as “chemtrails” — the thick, viscous airplane engine trails that have been poisoning the air and ground with toxic chemicals.

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DNA Results For The Nephilim Skulls In Peru Are In And The Results Are Absolutely Shocking

How can we explain elongated skulls that are thousands of years old that contain genetic material “unknown in any human, primate or animal known so far”? For months, many of us have been eagerly awaiting the results of the first DNA tests to ever be performed on the famous Paracas skulls. The results for one of the skulls are now in, and the scientist that did the testing is declaring that this skull represents a “new human-like creature” unlike anything that has ever been discovered before. So are these actually Nephilim skulls?

The Truth
By Michael Snyder, on February 10th, 2014

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