Smart Meter Information, Links And Resources Microwave weapons expert Barrie Trower explains the horrors awaiting society if wireless technologies are not curtailed.    EMF Engineer Rob State‘s comprehensive 30-minute video “The Dark Side of Smart Meters”: Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt presents his un-rivaled knowledge, experience and expertise in EMR pathology LOCAL RESOURCES In the right column of this site … Read More

How A Muslim Found Jesus

(Before It’s News) The secular-liberal media regularly give publicity to (and with attention comes credibility) the atheism of famous people such as British scientist Stephen Hawking. I vowed I would try to redress the media’s skewed focus with accounts of  accomplished individuals who eventually came home to embrace a belief in their … Read More

Morgellons Disease – Science Fiction Reality

Finally, there are doctors rising up to to address this disease, rather than dismissing it with the “Delusional Parasitosis” label which has been the medical establishment’s official term for the disease for years. These bio-synthetic organisms can invade any of us, and, in fact, according to ex-government scientific researcher Clifford … Read More

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