“Plague Will Be Released In America” 4-Star General Warned ‘V The Guerrilla Economist’- Rick Wiles TruNews – “To Bring In Martial Law”

By Live Free or Die With Executive Order 13295 giving Barack Obama the ability to quarantine Americans for having a bad cough, Rick Wiles’ TruNews welcomes National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers’ President Zach Taylor, who tells Rick that asymmetric warfare is now being waged against the American people. With Obama’s Center for Disease … Read More

Huge US Military Buildup In Ukraine

Before It’s News | By Susan Duclos After dealing with some financial current news, Gregory Mannarino drops the mother of all bombshells, stating that his sources, multiple credible sources, have informed him that RIGHT NOW there is a US military buildup going on in Ukraine, with troops, heavy weapons, aircraft….. and … Read More

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