WORD of Encouragement: 1 Peter 2:9

Who are we in Christ? A lot more than you think. In 1 Peter 2:9, we find out that we are chosen, one family, even one nation under the God of the Bible, who opposes the New World Order, and the One World Government in exchange for God’s Government. Not … Read More

Externalization of the Heiarchy – Infiltration of the Truth Movement

  This documentary film by Keith Thompson exposes the New Age side of the New World Order.  All part of the master plan, “Great Work”, “Great Plan”, agents are put into place to infiltrate the Anti-NWO Truth Movement. The sources Keith provides regarding the Zeitgeist movie, take much of what … Read More

Depart From Me

  If you are in a really good place with the Lord, and you think you have no issues, no qualms, then you can stop reading right now. However, if you think you have no issues, no qualms with the Lord, then you really should keep on reading. We all … Read More


  UPDATE: If Putin Is Alive And Well Then Why is ABC showing footage that is a year old? “The Russian president ordered nearly 40,000 troops in northern and western Russia to be put on full alert early Monday as part of snap-readiness exercise”. Putin has not offered an … Read More

HAARP – Coordinates

  There was recently a lot of talk about HAARP in Gakona Alaska being shut down. People were given a false sense of peace, believing that technology was going away. An article I posted recently shows that this isn’t the case. However, many people don’t realize just how extensive this … Read More

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