Murdered Holistic Doctors Discovered Cancer-Causing Enzyme Being Added to All Vaccines

Cclub So apparently the holistic doctors who were all being killed in FL (link-HHA)  had found out via their research that the nagalase enzyme protein is INTENTIONALLY being added to the population via immunizations. Nagalase STOPS vitamin D from binding to the Gc protein. This completely strips a human being’s body of … Read More

US Warming Trend Inflated by Compromised Thermometers

NOAA Relies On ‘Compromised’ Thermometers That Inflate US Warming Trend The Daily Caller The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s reliance on poorly-sited weather stations to calculate surface temperatures is inflating the warming trend of the U.S. and maybe even the rest of the world, according to a landmark study looking … Read More

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