Brexit- What is the Hidden Globalist Game?

(Updated 6-28-2016 Click on this image for another, extensive article about Brexit. ) (Grandfather of Polly Toynbee expressing contempt for democracy,transparency and sovereignty. Polly is the Guardian journalist who  was quickest off the mark to link Jo Cox’s murder to the implied bigotry of the Leave campaign) Boris Johnson’s stepmother Jenny, … Read More

Is John Todd Still Alive?

Henry Makow The highest ranking Illuminati defector may be a prisoner in a US prison hospital. Born in 1950, he would be only 66 today. Despite death reports, Diana thinks he may be alive:  “I’m writing because I am an avid reader of your website. I saw once that you posted an … Read More

Orlando Shooting Hoax – Observations and Commentary

Observations and Commentary on the Orlando Shooting Hoax Educate Yourself | Ken Adachi The Orlando, Florida nightclub pretend-massacre was reported to have occurred between 2-5AM on June 12, 2016 at the Pulse gay nightclub. It’s the latest fabricated shooting hoax in a long list of government sponsored, staged shooting masquerades presented … Read More

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