Kabbalistic Seeds of Astrophysics, Evolution, and Quantum Theory

Christian Observer | Reposted / Updated from Sept 4, 2016 The relation between Kabbalah and theoretical science, boldly being stated by renowned physicist Michio Kaku among others, ought to have us critically examining the many things we have come to accept as “science“. Given the countless ways Kabbalah has infiltrated society and determined our worldview. … Read More

Millions of People Take to the Streets in Italy and France to Protest Mandatory Vaccines

Fast-Tracking Mandatory Vaccination While Government and Media Muzzle Scientists World Mercury Project | Aug 29, 2017 | By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Turning their backs on the human rights principle of voluntary informed consent memorialized in the Nuremberg Code after World War II, health authorities in France and Italy are fast-tracking involuntary vaccine mandates for school-age children. In … Read More

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