UPDATED! 4th Floor Muzzle Flashes | Shooters in the Crowd | Evidence of Casualties (videos)

UPDATED 10-7-2017 Here are some videos showing muzzle flashes coming from lower floors of the hotel, rather than the 32nd. Shooter in the crowd? Although it’s becoming increasingly clear that this is another staged, false flag event, “false flag” doesn’t mean nobody got hurt or died. This is some evidence … Read More

Las Vegas “MASSACRE” Examined

Public attention continues to be on the recent Las Vegas event. An event being a “false flag” does not mean that there were no fatalities but they are typically misreported with the story constantly changing. Many, including myself, are scrutinizing this event and its agenda. Following are some excerpts from two Veterans Today articles. … Read More

Las Vegas “Shooting”… Did It Actually Happen?

False Flag? Fake? Hoax? Crisis Actors? Another Drill? Or Actual “Terrorist Attack?”   Ken Adachi comments on an article by Henry Makow on the event: I stopped analyzing and dissecting hoax shootings or “massacre” events because they’re ALL staged by psycho-idiots, whether in the USA or Europe. One phony, CIA/Mossad/police/military … Read More

World Wide Hurricanes, Floods, Forest Fires – Engineered Climate Chaos

In this comprehensive article, Suzanne Maher examines the recent super storms, evidences of the technology to control and steer the weather, as well as possible agendas. Not intending to create fear, but rather to bring awareness so that we are prepared as well as supportive of one another in this troubling time. … Read More


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