MLK Holiday is Proof the US is Closet Communist

Henry Makow They never quit because subverting you is their religion. (left, the Jewish owned and operated NewYorker portrays paid Communist Party instigator Martin Luther King arm-in-arm with multimillionaire players /protesting the plight of Black Americans.) / Monday was Martin Luther King Day in the US.  Martin Luther King was a fraud. … Read More

House Passes Bill to Force Trump to Nominate “Anti-Semitism” Head who would Monitor Criticism of Israel

If Americans Knew – By Alison Weir On January 11th the U.S. House of Representatives voted 411-1 for a bill that would force President Trump to nominate an anti-Semitism envoy, a position that has been vacant since he took office. The definition of anti-Semitism the position uses includes certain criticisms of Israel. The bipartisan … Read More

Some Thoughts on The Wall

I’ve been thinking about Trumps’ Wall. I have a hunch the Wall isn’t to keep people OUT OR IN.  I think it’s pretty clear that the WALL is being used to DIVIDE Americans. But I think it also has deeper, SPIRITUAL significance, like the “Organization of 70 Nations” agreement officially signed … Read More

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