Malware Attack

Dear readers, Christian Observer encountered a serious malware attack yesterday that temporarily installed a redirect onto the site. I received several emails about this and the problem has been fixed by my hosting company. I pray that no one was affected by the confusing malware pop up. In the event … Read More

5G: Deadly Threat / Sigil Magic

As the article below explains, 5G emits massive radiation that threatens all life on earth. The worldwide control “grid” it is planning to create, sold to the common man as convenient modern technology, is not unlike the grid the ancient pyramids that were positioned all over the world created. Some … Read More

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Eurovision 2019 Finale and the Occult Meaning of Madonna’s Controversial Performance

The blatant parade of evil marches on. This happened two days ago at the finale of the Eurovision concert.  May 22, 2019  Vigilant Citizen  Eurovision is an annual international song competition with participants representing primarily European countries. The show has been broadcasting every year since 1956 and is one of the … Read More

Ben Shapiro Exposed

In this video, Dr. Baldwin exposes Ben Shapiro, a man who is adored by Christians and preachers worldwide as a conservative. The interview with Shapiro that Baldwin presents exemplifies the deception the church is under in its blind support of Israel through the false eschatological view of Dispensationalism. What Zionist/political/physical … Read More

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