Bitterness: the root

With all the holiday get-togethers and their trappings, this is sure timely! By C.A. Patin Makes complete sense when you think about it. When you are bitter, it will lead you to a bad place fast. That’s why it’s called the ROOT of bitterness. It is like a seed that … Read More

Santa Claus: The Great Imposter

“A wink of his eye, and a twist of his head, soon led me to know I had nothing to dread.” – Twas’ the Night Before Christmas, Clement C. Moore Just who is Santa Claus, really? Wasn’t he just a sweet old guy whose legend grew over time? What’s the … Read More

Trump’s Abominable, Reprehensible And Downright Tyrannical Executive Order

By Chuck Baldwin December 19, 2019 I’ll make this column short and to the point. Trump’s executive order—deceptively called “An Executive Order on Combating Anti-Semitism”—issued this past week, will empower the federal Department of Education to withhold funding to college campuses that do not squash anti-Israel rhetoric. In other words, it … Read More

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