The Return: The Kabbalist Meaning of “Teshuva” at Yom Kippur

A great Kabbalizing of Christianity has been taking place for some time, beginning in the 1800’s with Darby’s Freemasonic Dispensationalism preparing the church for Zionism. – We can actually go all the way back to Ribera, the 1500’s Catholic monk who moved the timeline in Daniel & Revelation off into … Read More

Near Death Experiences & The Spirit of Our Age | Dr Deep State

Last week I was invited to talk with my dear friend Dr. Doug Haugen, aka Dr Deep State, about my near death experience and how it opened my eyes to the literal darkness that works behind the scenes in this world, which resulted in the launch this website and my … Read More

Yom Kippur: Permission to Deceive – Hoffman

Reposted from Sept 18, 2018 *The Return Event – declared  “the return to God – individually, corporately, nationally, globally – and the end-goal of world revival” was Sept 26, 2020. Yom Kippur 2020 was Sept 27-28. Henry Makow The holiest day in the Jewish Calendar, Yom Kippur, begins this Evening. While … Read More

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