Are the 7 Mountains in Trouble?

So I’ve been watching NAR “prophet” Kent Christmas responding to the “election” coverage over the past couple of days. On the 5th, he boldly prophesied that Donald Trump would win, then backpedaled yesterday (the 7th) in response to media announcements of Biden’s victory. He stuck to his guns, saying that … Read More

Will We See Our Animals in Heaven?

(I thought I’d take a break from all the “selection” drama.) “Will I see them again in heaven?” For animal lovers, it’s the question heavy on our heart when we grieve the loss of one of our beloved furry friends. But when we’ve asked our pastors about it, most of … Read More

Post Election Day Thoughts

A quiet tension is hanging in the air in the wake of election day as the masses walk around proudly donning their “I voted” stickers. Do you feel it? I can’t help but wonder how long they’ll keep up their “counting” charade. “Voting is a privilege” One pastor commented on … Read More

Songbird: the real time movie

Due to be released in 2021, the film Songbird offers a grim, if not terrifying look into the future of the covid 19 / pandemic lockdown. Craig Patin breaks down some significant details about the film and symbolism in the trailer. By Craig Patin The new movie called Songbird is … Read More

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