25 Rules Of Disinformation

I put this together when I worked on another site a while back and thought I’d post it here too. As we attempt to navigate through rampant disinformation on the internet in our search for the truth, it’s helpful to know the tactics used by professional disinformation agents. From Twenty-Five Ways … Read More

What in the World is Going On? Discussion w/ Gonz Shimura “Age Of Deceit II”

What is going on? Chemtrails, Directed Energy Weapons, GMO, Mind Control, Military Buildups – what’s it all about? Here is a very good interview with Gonz Shimura talking about his films, Age Of Deceit I & II (links to both films in the sidebar of this site), which show us … Read More

Will Freedom Survive 2015?

NewsWithViews | Pastor Chuck Baldwin | 1/15/2015 Something as precious and valuable as a nation’s freedom is not lost in a day–or even in a year. There is no single event that turns citizens into slaves. Oppression and tyranny are always long in the planning–and even longer in the making. Granted, there … Read More

How Can We Engage In A Battle That We Don’t Understand?

Yvonne Nachtigal | CO | Updated 9/20/2018 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge I will also reject thee” – Hosea 4:6 Most Christians today are largely unaware of the literal battle that we are engaged in. I say that from first hand experience because … Read More

Age Of Deceit – The NWO Big Agenda

**Edited 4/13/16 – After tracing the history of Dispensationalism, I no longer adhere to the belief that fallen angels intermarried (had sex with) human women who gave birth to offspring who were giants in the anti-deluvian era, nor do I agree with the use of extra biblical books such as … Read More

CALL OF DUTY: Black Ops III Trailer Breakdown [Transhumanist Propaganda]

  The newest incarnation of Call of Duty will be Black Ops III “Ember.” On the tease video, an outline from the year 2000 to 2065 is outlined with the various projected issues that may arise from technological advancements. One of them is the development of the super solider. While … Read More

The Trials Of Transhumanism

Androgyny and the Antichrist by Gonz Shimura I want to touch on a couple of topics that didn’t make the cut in AGE OF DECEIT 2: Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image but are nonetheless extremely important. Today I want to tackle Androgyny and the Antichrist. The Merriam-Webster defines Androgynous as … Read More

Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) and Its Targets aka More Fairy Tales In The Sky

“Planetary defense -NASA shows first image of collision target Dimorphos; It wasn’t just the initial collision threat posed by the asteroid Apophis that made it clear how little humanity could currently do against the impact of a chunk of space. It was time to build planetary defenses. With “Dart” (Double … Read More

The Convoy, Engineered Social Divisions & The Church

Updated 2/8/22 Downplayed by the MSM and celebrated by millions opposed to medical tyranny, the Canadian trucker’s Convoy is making a clear statement to government officials: The people have had enough! But the question is, will authorities be swayed or has this been part of their plan from the beginning? … Read More


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