Evergreen and the Subtle Gnostic Indoctrination

Those who are aware that the news, among other mediums, are used to project the philosophy of Kabballah into the subconscious minds of those who consume these forms of entertainment, will understand the symbolic language involved with the Evergreen Marine Corp. shipping vessel that’s stuck in the Suez Canal. That … Read More

The Devil’s In The Detail

Over the years I have heard the song ‘Lady In Red’ by Chris De Burgh a number of times. But, having heard the song recently, and now having an understanding of New Age phrases and symbols, hearing certain lines in the song gave me the chills. One could argue that … Read More

Living In An Altered Reality

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. These words by William Shakespeare have a depth of meaning that any one who may be reading this will never fully comprehend -including myself. To this day I keep peeling back layers of deception that reveal just … Read More

No Coincidence

Coincidence is a word that’s in my vocabulary only to explain why I don’t believe in it. I’m of the understanding that nothing occurs by chance; everything is part of a series of intricately orchestrated events… The location is Cape Town, South Africa. It’s the early 90s -a time of … Read More


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