Natural Resources Defense Council Takes Action Against FCC Regarding 5G Small Cell Tower Installation

Activist Post June 19, 2018 Requesting Statements From Concerned Citizens By B.N. Frank The NRDC is challenging the legality of the March 30, 2018 Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  order exempting “small wireless facilities” from environmental review. According to Arthur Firstenburg from the Cell Tower Task Force, The NRDC is requesting statements be sent to them about … Read More

UN Behind Deadly Roll Out of 5G in America

CO June 2, 2018 A young woman I’d been praying for died yesterday, leaving behind a husband and 3 small children. Her death was caused by a glioblastoma; a cancerous brain tumor. One of my neighbors, a 53 year old woman, died of the same type of brain cancer just … Read More

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