MUST WATCH! Stunning Insights into the Corona-Panic by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Please Share Aircrap Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is the first specialist we met to understand the current crisis about the coronavirus. Please support us so that we can investigate further in making a 90min cinema documentary: Why we need to make this film: Crowd Funding Video Wolfgang Wodarg says: The corona … Read More

March Madness War on Citizens – March 17 2020

Churches are closing all over the country because of a fake “pandemic” Where is discernment? Aircrap I Post you decide – Coronavirus – Figures Show There is NO Pandemic – CDC Funding Cuts – (CDC unleashed this phony virus to stay in business) – DARPA Injectable Gels – Health Food Store … Read More

Here we go! Coronavirus Destruction to Bring a More “Righteous and Just” World Under Noahide Laws!

Here we go folks. This says it all. Here are their aspirations for this world to be destroyed and replaced by a more “Righteous and Just” world under NOAHIDE LAWS. From today’s Israel365 newsletter: “Chapter 24 [Isaiah] begins four chapters which describe the total destruction of the earth, for it … Read More

Ongoing Corona Virus Escalation – Trump Enacts Stafford Act

We’re going beyond the toilet paper jokes now. Regardless of how real the threat of COVID-19 is or isn’t, the shut downs are real, the store shelves are empty and other disconcerting events surrounding this “pandemic” are mounting. On the bright side, people are waking up. As schools, churches, restaurants, … Read More

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