Fallen Angels Myth in Occultic Jewish Literature – FALLEN ANGEL SERIES – Pt 6

by Yvonne Nachtigal | CO  In this segment of the Fallen Angel/Human hybrid series, we’ll look at what Jewish occult literature, the book of Enoch, and modern prophesy teachers say about the fallen angels and the nephilim. Starting with some dates, according to Robert McRoberts of ancient Talmudic text Targum Pseudo-Jonathan … Read More

The Purpose and Origins of Futurism

Want to understand where the commonly held belief in a “7 Year Tribulation” and all the associated “End Times” teachings came from. Here you go! If you’re like me you’re asking, “What’s Futurism?” This lengthy study covers in greater detail the origins and purpose of Futurism, from which came Dispensationalism, as … Read More

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