“THE PULSE” Gay Club In “PET GOAT” 4 Years Ago! Orlando Mass Shooting

You can’t make this stuff up! For those who think that we who see the Florida nightclub shooting as a “false flag” event are insensitive and awful, maybe this video will get you thinking twice. What this video creator reveals here seems to indicate that the nightclub shooting is highly … Read More

RITUAL MAGIC IN ORLANDO – Truth About #ChristinaGrimmie – #OrlandoUnited – NWO

  Why does the band that #ChristinaGrimmie performed with right before her murder display and Alchemical symbol of phosphorus, or Lucifer? Could it be because her death and the massacre in Orlando is part of a grand satanic cosmic conspiracy? And how will the elite use these events to push their New … Read More

Florida Shooting – It’s Not Just About Gun Control: A Deeper Look at The Gay Rights Agenda

 (above – homosexual pedophile Jerry Sandusky) In yet another example of how the controlled media carries out and reports a scripted event to manipulate public opinion in support of their twisted agendas, we have another mass shooting (by a ‘lone gunman’ of course) in a gay bar in Florida to further gun … Read More


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