Reuben Mentor – Contributing Writer

Cape Town, South Africa

Reuben Mentor is a writer whose style is fashioned from a combination of two of his favorite novelists – John Grisham and Robert Ludlum, while his outlook has been shaped by years of tests and trials. With a love for creation and being outdoors, Mentor is often inspired by the way that creation testifies of The Creator. This can be seen in his writing.

Having a variety of interests that include psychology, theology, science, true history, cars and nature -just to mention a few- ; Mentor is able to view life through a broad lens. Such a broad perspective allows for great analogous structuring of sentences. This makes for a simple projection of his views to the minds of the readers.

The essence of what he shares is centered upon one unwavering truth. That truth is about the hope we have in Christ and His eternal Kingdom.

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