Dots 1 & 2 by Craig Patin

Dots 1 & 2

by Craig Patin | Hidden in the Crag


Dot one.

This is what radiation looks like on your toes it’s called chilblains or pernio it’s common in radiation.


Yes, chilblains on the toes are now covid toes?! What? Nope they’re radiation side effects and they’re calling it covid toes.


Dot two.

Side by side comparisons of lungs.



Radiation pneumonitis

Covid Lung


“Very like #COVID19? The main symptoms of #RadiationPneumonitis include shortness of breath, dry cough, feeling of fullness in the chest & #flu-like indicators. If so, would it be wise to turn off all #5G #radiation sources until the #pandemic passes?”



“Is COVID-19 really #RadiationPneumonitis ? Same symptoms plus blue lips and flesh. 2nd screenshot from CDC. Is COVID-19 magnetic petri plate @5G or just the
computer “virus” (OnStar vehicle) to carry the “all digital code is genetic code” to 5G?”



Question: Why are the symptoms of COVID19 & Radiation Pneumonitis so similar?


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