Living In An Altered Reality

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. These words by William Shakespeare have a depth of meaning that any one who may be reading this will never fully comprehend -including myself. To this day I keep peeling back layers of deception that reveal just how staged things are in this manufactured reality we live in. Though we will never completely grasp the depths of deception, we are able to have a view of the overarching agenda. The enemy has a strategy. Where there’s a strategy, a pattern emerges. When the pattern emerges, a picture is revealed. We are not left blind, but we can be distracted from seeing the picture. This is why the battle for the mind is the real war.


The caduceus/Staff of Hermes

The caduceus -or staff of Hermes- is a symbol that succinctly reveals this plan. Here you have two snakes entwined around a spear, which also goes by the names Spear of Destiny and Holy Lance. This is seen as the spear which pierced the side of Jesus.  The ball at the top of the spear represents the human mind. This is what the two serpents are battling for. One serpent represents good and the other represents evil.

In New Age teachings the two snakes represent yin and yang. It’s the philosophy of dualism which proposes that in everything good there is evil and in everything evil there is good. The Hegelian Dialectic principle is based upon this philosophical construct and is used to shape perception for everything we are indoctrinated into believing.

It helps for us to have the understanding that the people who conduct these psychological operations on our minds are sorcerers. These are people who have gone through the degrees of Freemasonry and/or have been taught by Talmudic rabbis. They have been initiated into the 33rd degree, thereby attaining the enlightenment that’s needed to shape perception. At this point they are magicians/magi/magus. They are given a platform upon which to perform their perception-altering sorcery. The platform could be anything… politics, religion, arts and entertainment, sports, education, economics, technology… you name it. It’s basically any area of life where minds can be shaped that you will find these sorcerers. This fallen world being the antithesis to the authentic heavenly kingdom requires a staged reality for us to buy into. This is the suggestive strategy the serpent used to deceive Adam and Eve and this is what’s being used on us today.

It’s with this in mind that we arrive at what’s occurring today in US politics. Although it’s occurring in the US, the psychological operation has worldwide impact due to the fact that all eyes are on Washington DC. Additionally, each of the world’s governments have their own localized psychological operations that they are conducting upon the public. For now the focus is on DC.

If you have read thus far then you already are aware that presidents are selected rather than elected. We know that our votes don’t count. The whole idea behind the concept of voting is to perpetuate the illusion of choice. When we are led to choose, the mind perceives free will. Where there’s the perception of free will we ignore the tyranny and only see the hand that feeds us. We then become dependent upon a person who promises to fight for the people so that we can be fed.

What makes a great film or stage production is the concept of dualism. In order to have a hero, an anti-hero has to be there. You ferment the perception of trouble in order that good can come along to save the day. At the end of the show the viewer has been emotionally stimulated. Sometimes the hero is the criminal. We see this in heist films such as Bonnie and Clyde, The Italian Job and Mission Impossible. Here the viewer is manipulated into siding with the criminal. The idea is to dictate emotion. If our emotions can be dictated by outside forces, our minds our no longer our own.

Politics is a stage show that the majority of people miss as being a show. This is by design. It’s a part of the distraction techniques that the sorcerers have used to pull the wool over our eyes. While we are given cinema, TV and theatre to view as staged reality, we then miss the more subtle staged reality that occurs in the news and on the political stage. Political theatre exists, and has been around since the inception of politics.

Just remember that no matter whether the snake is black or white, it’s still a snake. It’s the same idea as black magic and white magic. Black magic causes white magic to appear good when both are bad. So we have the two snakes in a constructed battle for the mind. One snake is Trump and the other snake is Biden. One comes out to bat for conservative Christian values while the other comes out to bat for a liberal society. What the supporters of these people don’t see is that both sides are being used to shape the perception of good and evil in this theatrical display. Trump supporters are conditioned through conservative media to view Trump as the hero and Biden as the anti-hero. Biden supporters are conditioned through liberal media to view Biden as the hero and Trump as the anti-hero. Here one is able to see how the philosophy of dualism is played out. Trump and Biden are seen as heroes by their fanbase while both are seen as bad by the opposing fanbase. “Within everything good there’s evil and within everything evil there’s good”.

“When asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The kingdom of God will not come with observable signs. Nor will people say, ‘Look, here it is, ’or ‘ here it is. ’For you see, the kingdom of  God is in your midst.” ” – Luke 17:20-21

” Do you not know that your body is a temple of  the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own” – 1 Corinthians 6:19

As these verses point out, the kingdom of God is within us. Our bodies are the temple. The part of the head around the around the eyes is named the temple for the reason that the mind is the temple. 

The mind is the temple

The psychology behind all that’s going on with us having to choose sides is about getting us to choose between the white snake and the black snake in the caduceus symbol. Whether it be Trump or Biden, Yankees or Red Sox, Catholicism or Protestantism, Black or White, Coke or Pepsi, Chevy or Ford…. all these dichotomies have been created to keep us fighting amongst each other so that the mind could be occupied by something other than the King of Kings for whom the throne within the temple was intended. Some of these rivalries may seem trivial, but it’s the principle that’s being ingrained into the mind. The concept of having to choose distracts us from the fact that we don’t have to choose one or the other. The right way is not choosing either side. This way you don’t give either snake the opportunity to overthrow the temple.

Having to choose one side or the other puts us at odds with those who have chosen the opposing side. It’s so plain to see in political and sports rivalries. This nullifies what we have been instructed to do, which is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. If we love ourselves enough to protect the mind, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, then we wouldn’t buy into the rivalries that puts us at odds with one another. The narrow path is straight, it’s not curved to the left or right.



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