You Were Born for this Moment in Time!

By  on February 28, 2015

You were born to live at this time, at this very moment in history. Your life has a very specific purpose. You have an important mission to perform, a role or position to play that might be big or small, short or lengthy, supportive or “mission critical.” You might not yet know with any degree of precision what your role or mission is, but you do have one. No, this is not some “new age” babble, but a statement of fact that you may choose to believe, or simply dismiss as fantasy. If you select the former, please read on.

In his highly acclaimed book A Prophecy of the Future of America, author Paul McGuire details, among much else, the prophetic possibilities for America based on her real history and the architecture put in place by the power elite. The past, as it has been presented to you, is not the true story. The future, based on the past, might not be what you expect. His subsequent book, Standing Down Goliath, provides insight into our future and what we might expect to confront.

Paul’s two books provide critically important information of how we arrived at this point in time. Personally, I did not think that Paul McGuire could possibly outdo his previous works; yet he has done so with the precision of a laser and the impact of a .44 magnum in his latest book, Mass Event/Mass Awakening.

I was honored to be asked to write the foreword of Mass Event/Mass Awakening, which allowed me to preview this stellar work. It certainly made me realize that not only are we here for a specific purpose, but we have a mission – and that mission is being derailed by those powerful forces behind the faces we see all across our media.

This process of derailment has infiltrated our churches and the body of the church, sometimes subtly and other times, not so subtlety. The people, groups, and entities are working overtime to hideously take us out of the game, or at least cause us to lose focus of what’s truly important. They are busy trying to create chaos and division, so the powers and principalities of utter wickedness can advance their satanic agenda.

In his prescient work, Paul McGuire confronts the revision of history that has created the holographic world in which we exist. He confronts the hidden truth head-on, and offers hope as well as information to those willing to receive it.

It is only when you know the truth that you can really be free – free of the bondage caused by the chaos and misdirection, freedom from the fear associated with coming events, and totally escape from the programming to which we’ve been entranced and enslaved.

Listen to Paul McGuire on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report via Sound Cloud here:

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