Glimpse of Glory: A Critical Examination of Near Death Experiences by a NDEr

In 2011 after my battle with a brain tumor I turned my attention to writing. A born-again Christian since the age of 13, my illness and supernatural experience during brain surgery left me “changed” and able to discern by the Spirit of God the spiritual forces behind world events that I’d previously missed.

I’ve been a home school mom of two, a church ministry worker, graphic designer and assistant to my husband, tour manager Michael Nachtigal. Working on several of his tours, including the Christian band Petra’s “Back to the Rock” tour on when my husband was the band’s manager, gave me a unique glimpse behind the scenes of the celebrity lifestyle and elusive entertainment business. But I would rather be out in nature with my dogs than in a 5–star hotel any day.

I created in 2012 and earned my degree in Journalism in 2021.

In Glimpse of Glory I take the reader along on my journey into understanding the unique experience I’d had. Noting the prevalent occult theme of “Oneism,” which is presented in Kabbalah, in NDE accounts I examine Near Death experiences from the perspectives of science, spirituality and Christianity and invite a return to the simplicity of the gospel.

Excerpt: Glimpse of Glory

The most overwhelming thing about that place was the all-encompassing feeling of love like I’d never known but somehow had always known existed. I knew it was God’s Love, but it was so much more intense than I could ever have imagined.
It was soothing and comforting.
It was irresistible.
It was strong and more powerful than anything else in all of existence!
It filled me with joy and hope…
There was no fear, no sadness, no insecurity.
I was aware of how heavily the fear of people’s disapproval had weighed on me while I was in the world. I now knew that it had all been a lie. The only approval and love that mattered was right here, God’s love, and I was loved completely! If there is anything I’ve fought to hold onto from the experience, it’s that realization! It felt like I could spend forever taking in the beauty, joy and the love and the incomprehensible glory and wonder surrounding me…
At that point I thought back to the world that had been the only home I’d ever known and was startled as I realized it had only been a miniscule “blip” in time, only a tiny moment.
“That’s all it was?”
Time itself was a created thing; the physical world was a lovingly formed beautiful and intricate creation through which the greater reality, the life, love and glory of God, was intended to be displayed. Life in the world wasn’t at all about everything that we’re so concerned about and preoccupied with – all the things we strive for and worry about… I realized, “I had it all wrong!” All those things had been complete vanity; they simply didn’t matter! The only thing that mattered was Jesus Christ, the fact that I was in Him and what I’d done for Him. I didn’t think about it in those words though, it was just something I understood. I thought about all the people in the world who were running around in futility. I would have loved to tell them…! From this perspective, I could see that the time we are in the world is crucial, but not for the reasons most of us live for. The earth is where we choose either God and the true life of living out his love through Jesus, or vainly try to make sense of a brief, temporary material world without Him.
In that realm, God’s power and love filled everything with the eternal truth that has always been and always will be. This was “glory.” This was “holiness,” and the great chasm between fallen humanity and those things was crystal clear. God had reached down and provided the way for mankind to be restored to true life, but left us the freedom to accept or reject him. These were among the many things that I now innately knew.

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