California Shuts Down Commercial Crab Season Due to Radiation

California Shuts Down Commercial Crab Season “Indefinitely” Cites “naturally-occurring toxin” but real culprit is Radiation Post by Newsroom  Nov 07, 2015 Just 1 week after this web site broke news of Fukushima radiation in fish & seafood, California officials have cancelled commercial crab season “indefinitely” citing “protection of the public health.” Yet … Read More

Geoengineering, Fukushima radiation, & the Transhumanist Agenda

By Alfred Lambremont Webre 1. Geoengineering is the use of environmental warfare technology (principally the HAARP/chemtrails weapon of mass destruction) to terraform Earth and implement the Transhumanist Agenda VIDEO: HAARP-Chemtrails WMD Exposing a Spiritual Mass Mind-control and Planetary Assault                 with Alfred Lambremont Webre WATCH ON YOU TUBE: ARTICLE:   2. The … Read More

100s of Millions of Animals Have Died Recently Along West Coast — Worst Mortality Event Ever Known —

“And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died;…” Revelation 8:9 “Wiped out at least 20 different species” — Marine life also disappearing from Fukushima coast April 22nd, 2015 | ENENews New Yorker, Apr 21, 2015 (emphasis added): [A]n ongoing outbreak of a sea-star … Read More

Emergency Closure Of Fishery Along West Coast

NY Times, Apr 15, 2015 (emphasis added): [Regulators] approved an emergency closure of commercial sardine fishing off Oregon, Washington and California… Earlier this week, the council shut down the next sardine season… [R]evised estimates of sardine populations… found the fish were declining in numbers faster than earlier believed… [Stocks are] much lower than … Read More

Fukushima Is Threatening All Life On Earth

US “Has Gone Totally Insane”

HHA Most Americans have become “Zombified” and oblivious to the current state of war against the citizens of the U.S., and all citizens in the West as a confluence of preplanned events begin to accelerate to an orchestrated, life changing end of the lifestyles and freedoms to which we’ve become … Read More

West Coast Disaster Happening Now! What The MSM Isn’t Telling You

The mainstream media is great at pointing readers in the direction they want them to go, reporting what they want people to focus on and downplaying, hiding, burying the information they don’t want you to know, or to rephrase, information they are being told to bury….. so many might not know that along … Read More

Dying Planet! Get Ready! Beware of Deceivers!

Aug 13, 2014 Reposted…. toned down…. still a counterstrike. People…. you have got to start using your brain. To get sucked in and drink the Coolaid will have consequences for you and your family…. this is serious stuff…. so as not to be afraid…. be prepared and the rest is … Read More

Horses Skin Melt Off in California- Fukushima? People Are Next?

Saturday, August 16, 2014 10:35 (Before It’s News) “Nuclear Fallout is the residual radioactive material propelled into the upper atmosphere following a nuclear blast or a nuclear reaction conducted in an unshielded facility, so called because it “falls out” of the sky after the explosion and shock wave have passed. … Read More

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