How NOT To Respond To The NWO | A NWO Timeline

This is not Christian prayer. It is occultism masquerading as Christianity. Angus Buchan is part of the Promise Keeper’s Network of “Elijah” prophets who are preaching the heretical “Kingdom-Now” Theology. “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, … Read More

Do You Feel The Spirit?

Do you ‘feel the Spirit’? What criteria are you using to determine that it is the Holy Spirit you are sensing? Here’s a discernment tip from

The Prosperity Gospel – Mikey Lynch

The Prosperity Gospel biblically addressed by Mikey Lynch: [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Prosperity Gospel.mp3″ icon=”” width=”55%” height=”50″ style=”embed”] Mikey Lynch is currently Campus Director of the University Fellowship of Christians at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, and leader of the church planting networks, The Vision 100 Network (TAS) and Geneva Push (Australia).

Nineteenth Century Premillennialism – The Legacy of Edward Irving

Talking Pentecostalism “The major milieu out of which Pentecostalism sprang was the worldwide Holiness movement, which had developed out of nineteenth-century American Methodism.”(Vinson Synan, Ph.D., University of Georgia, 2001) [1]. To be consise, Pentecostalism developed in the early twentieth-century from the Holiness movement, which developed from American Methodism in the … Read More

Pentecostalism – Good and Bad – And the “End Times”

Talking Pentecostalism | Pentecostalism – The Good and the Bad This excellent lecture and sermon on Pentecostalism by Mikey Lynch (modern and classic), and is honest about what is good and right about Pentecostalism while highlighting what is wrong and even dangerous about some of its emphases and characteristics. Thinking generously and critically about the … Read More

Quantum Mysticism Goes to Market

This is the conclusion of a 9 part series on Herescope, examining the teachings of popular “end times” prophecy teachers. Herescope COSMS, CODES, AND CRYPTOLOGIES,  ConclusionIt becomes a slippery spiritual slope when pagan myths are believed to be informants of biblical truth. Subjects like those being raised by the Horns … Read More

The Dangers of Centering / Contemplative Prayer and Mind Control

Truthspeakers Weblog | 9/16/2016 IHOP (International House of Prayer) Promotes Centering / Contemplative Prayer I recently had an email exchange with a friend of mine who is into the signs and wonders movement. She told me she was reading 5 books on how to interpret dreams. When I wrote back and … Read More

The Pope and Hillsong Will Unite at “Together 2016” in Washington D.C.

Berean Examiner June 8, 2016 Today it was announced that Pope Francis would deliver a video message to help unite Christians in the “Next Great Awakening” at Together 2016, joining in the ecumaniacal gathering. Together 2016, also known as The Reset Movement, bringing together different religions in an effort to erase the lines … Read More

The Purpose and Origins of Futurism

Want to understand where the commonly held belief in a “7 Year Tribulation” and all the associated “End Times” teachings came from. Here you go! If you’re like me you’re asking, “What’s Futurism?” This lengthy study covers in greater detail the origins and purpose of Futurism, from which came Dispensationalism, as … Read More

The Source of Church Apathy (in search of)

  Lately my ongoing search for answers to the question of apathy in the church toward the advancement of the New World Order and all it’s associated poisonings, mind control, sciences, false spiritual teachings, etc, has continually led me to events that took place in the 19th century. Initially I … Read More

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