What If There Is NO “7 Year Tribulation?” And Does It Matter?

In consideration of the arrival of 2024, and while I’m working on a piece about Millennialism’s role in Social Justice, I thought it would be timely to repost two older articles from my friend Cheryl Devine Tuumalo’s Facebook page: This one about the 7-year tribulation, and the other containing some … Read More

Counting Rockets: A Few Thoughts on the War in Israel

After all the “I Stand With Israel” memes I encountered during my morning scroll, I decided to pop my head up from working on the Pentecostalism piece to share some quick thoughts on the current events in Israel. To create the popular Dispensational / Futurist eschatology (that “end-times” teaching nearly … Read More

Revivals Pt 10: The Pagan “Virus”

With all the talk of a “New Variant,” I can’t help but see the spiritual principles behind this “Coronation” of evil taking over the world. I’ve been reading a book I found online by Scottish historian of religion and Presbyterian minister James Aitken Wylie (1808 – 1890) called The History … Read More

The Change Event An ECUMENICAL MESS – ONE WORLD RELIGION VIBES – Video by Magical Mystery Church

I’m working on the next piece in the Revival series: the Third Great Awakening; the birth of Pentecostalism and Social Justice Movements going full-swing in Protestantism. But let’s fast-forward to today with this excellent video by Magical Mystery Church. The Counter-Reformation’s methodical work through the Revivals is quickly coming to … Read More

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