A Christian Perspective of the “Died Suddenly” Documentary

The number of people,  particularly young healthy people, who are simply dropping dead recently is nothing less than horrifying. And even the casual observer can’t miss the connection with the 2021 “COVID vaccine” rollout. But before we get too excited about Stew Peters’ new “Died Suddenly” film, we need to … Read More

“Event 202” Monkey Biz

Here we go again. 🙄 Monkeypox was first identified in 1958, but there’s never been a “global” Monkeypox outbreak outside of Africa – until now! — And it came in the exact week of the exact month predicted by the “biosecurity” folks in their pandemic simulation. What are the chances? … Read More

Lyme: Cover-Up of a Silent Killer

As the world is consumed by fear of COVID and now Monkey Pox , this deadly disease is silently moving in the shadows destroying countless lives. Please take the time to watch this full length film. If it hasn’t yet affected you or someone you love personally, chances are it … Read More

The Convoy, Engineered Social Divisions & The Church

Updated 2/8/22 Downplayed by the MSM and celebrated by millions opposed to medical tyranny, the Canadian trucker’s Convoy is making a clear statement to government officials: The people have had enough! But the question is, will authorities be swayed or has this been part of their plan from the beginning? … Read More

“Vaccine” is Graphene Nanotech

Jan 10, 2022 CORRECTION: La Quinta Columna (The Fifth Column) is controlled opposition. Here’s why. The video below doesn’t mention mRNA or the “Spike Protein” and leads us to believe that only graphene oxide is in the shots. Meanwhile we’ve seen that all the doctors and enlighteners from the “truther” … Read More

History Repeated – Eerie Similarities Between Pre-WWII Nazi Germany Laws And COVID Pandemic Laws

So, this video from Israel was posted on Twitter yesterday (Jan 4, 2022) I find it interesting that the video has been allowed to remain on Youtube for a full day. Just more evidence of their deliberate division and desired uprising. Still, the video is very disturbing. We Are Witnessing … Read More

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