Nano Health Solutions in a 21st Century AI World (Part II)

Science fiction has become science fact as occult-inspired technologies work to create a grid totally controlling all life on earth. People are largely unaware of, not only chemtrails and EMF dangers, but how these are designed to work together to bring the entire population to its knees. The horrors of … Read More


STAGES OF FORCED NANO TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION IN OUR BODIES – by Suzanne Maher I’ve created a chart showing the stages of integration of the nano technology growing and replicating in our bodies. It’s so important for people to understand the assault we are under.  Thanks to Tony P for his help … Read More

Mass Mind Control – Technologies That Control Human Behavior – Government Scientist Reveals

HHA | Yvonne Nachtigal Can the government control (and read) your mind directly, causing physical symptoms such as headaches, the inability to concentrate or even cancer? From the extreme, deliberate creation of multiple programmed personalities, to the individual targeting, intimidation, and elimination of citizens who dare to think critically, there … Read More

Nano Poisoning / Morgellons Part 4

Bye Bye Blue Sky | Suzanne Maher SOFIA SMALLSTORM – ABOUT THE SKY RESEARCHER  Sofia Smallstorm, scientist and researcher states that Morgellons is; a cross-domain domain bacteria (CDB) which are “alien” pathogens deliberately bio-engineered and introduced into the global environment as a “new biology” not found in nature.  These bio … Read More

Nano Poisoning / Morgellons Part 3

Bye Bye Blue Sky | Suzanne Maher Nanomaterials Safety Guidelines The study of nanoparticles and uncovering their potential to be incorporated in technology has evolved rapidly in the last two decades. Many of these nanoparticles are being added in merchandises such as wrinkle and stain resistant fabrics, sunscreen, glare-resistance eye glasses, … Read More


American Freedom Radio – 07/08/2016 There isn’t a more important subject to speak about than the centrality of the aerosol program to the workings of the New World Order agenda. In this mind-bending interview, Clifford Carnicom, the dedicated scientist and researcher who has spent the last twenty years serving … Read More

RFID Chips Found In One Out Of Three People Tested

  The report, which came out last year,  comes from the Wyoming Institute of Technology. Said microchips can be as small as a grain of sand. This article claims that magnets can be used to disable these devices. By John Brugle, Ph.D. | WIT John T. Brugle, Ph.D and Mary Franz, Ph.D, … Read More

Sierra Mountains California

  The photographs below were taken on June 17th, 2015 in the  Sierra Nevada mountains, in California, where the sky was once a beautiful sapphire blue. It also looked horrendous from space: And nobody sees a thing. Nobody notices anything unusual. Young people have never known the sky to look any … Read More

Alien Biology and The History of the “Chemtrails” Assault on Global Populations

HHA | 12/11/2014 Veterans Today | Harold Saive  (Last updated, 12/9/2014) GLOBE NEWSWIRE: “Synthetic biology is an emerging area of research and is broadly described as the design and construction of novel organisms or devices, artificial biological pathways, and the redesign of existing natural biological systems” DESIGNER DNA On Dec … Read More

Insight Into The True Purpose Of Chemtrails

(Photo Credit- Steve Quayle) HHA | 9/16/2014 Deaths Coloring Book – (Sky Devils) Visit Steve Quayle By Live Free or Die The amazing photographs below were emailed this morning to Susan Duclos of All News Pipeline by Steve Quayle, who recently took them over his home in Bozeman, Montana, 30 minutes after posting 2 chemtrail/smart dust articles. … Read More

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