Abortion: Paganism Masked as a “Modern Medical Procedure”

In this Guardian Article, ancient history lecturer at Oxford Josephine Quinn, concludes that ancient civilizations weren’t at all like us. In light of recently passed abortion bills in the US, I beg to differ. Carthaginians sacrificed own children, archaeologists say Guardian Graves holding tiny cremated bones confirm accounts dismissed as … Read More

Vermont House Approves Bill to Legalize Abortion Up to Birth, Baby “Shall Not Have Independent Rights Under Law”

It is spreading like cancer! They’re moving full steam ahead before we even have a chance to catch our breath. Lifesitenews MONTPELIER, February 22, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) Vermont’s Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted Thursday to pass a bill many pro-lifers are calling the most extreme of its kind, as it leaves elective abortion … Read More

Pathologist traumatized after seeing 3-pound aborted baby with expression of ‘horror’ on his face

LifeAction In a March 10, 2017 article, I quoted Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood abortion facility director, writing about how she and other abortion workers had nightmares after leaving the abortion industry. Many former workers have horrible memories of piecing together aborted babies. This had to be done so workers could verify … Read More

We are being PLAYED – Problems / Reactions / Solutions

Are we outraged  yet? They are sure stirring the pot! Two states in the United States of America have officially legalized infanticide. Other states; Idaho and Mississippi to name two, have reacted by passing absolute anti-abortion laws, calling all abortion “murder,” and most Christians would agree. Do we see yet … Read More

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