FALLEN ANGEL SERIES PT 1: From Chemtrails to Fallen Angels

The fallen angel/human hybrid interpretation of Genesis 6 has become so prevalent that it’s unpopular to challenge it. Yet it is the core of much error today, from Christians being initiated into Kabbalah to believing the Nephilim are returning. The teaching also supports the idea of DNA modification being pushed … Read More

Transhumanism – The New Alchemy

Herescope  THE RESURRECTION OF ANCIENT ALCHEMY  Since Satan’s great fall, man too has attempted to become like God Most High. Down through the centuries rebellious men have stiffened their necks in defiance to the Creator and have devised various methods and religious pathways in vain attempts to morph themselves into … Read More

Cabalist-Judaism In The Church? – FALLEN ANGEL/HUMAN HYBRID SERIES – PT 9

CO | Yvonne Nachtigal I recently read an article on Texe Marrs’ site properly identifying Freemasonry as Cabalist-Judaism (which is satanism), but when I followed a link in the article it segued onto the topic of the Nephilim, referring to the “Biblical” story of fallen angels intermarrying with human women and … Read More

Christians’ Vulnerability to Deceptive Doctrines – FALLEN ANGEL SERIES – Pt 7

CO | by Yvonne Nachtigal Today in the Fallen Angel/Human Hybrid series I want to look more at the changes in the church that have caused Christians to become vulnerable to deceptive doctrines. Layers Upon Layers of Deception You may have run across some of the online prophecy teachers  that … Read More

Fallen Angels Myth in Occultic Jewish Literature – FALLEN ANGEL SERIES – Pt 6

by Yvonne Nachtigal | CO  In this segment of the Fallen Angel/Human hybrid series, we’ll look at what Jewish occult literature, the book of Enoch, and modern prophesy teachers say about the fallen angels and the nephilim. Starting with some dates, according to Robert McRoberts of ancient Talmudic text Targum Pseudo-Jonathan … Read More

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