Chemtrails Planet and Fellowship Of The Minds Suspended by Wordpress – Internet Censorship

CO – YNightingale The days of freedom of speech on the internet are officially numbered. If “conspiracy theorists” ever longed for a day that their claims would be legitimized, that day has arrived. Yesterday, Chemtrails Planet, hosted by Harold Saive, and Fellowship Of The Minds were suspended by Like … Read More

UPDATED – Four Killed as Flash Floods Wreak Havoc in Germany

Update 5/31/16 – In Braunsbach in Baden Würtemberg … 21.00 Germany is generally known for it’s mild climate, but it is currently experiencing unprecedented rain and disastrous flooding. Watching these videos is nothing short of surreal. At this point, people who are still trusting Wikipedia’s description of “chemtrails” (and the … Read More


  Grief over the loss of a loved one is often given as the reason that people lose their faith or do not believe in God. Their anger at the God who “took away” their loved one makes it impossible to believe, because they simply cannot conceive of such a … Read More

Moment of Prayer – Nov 18, 2015

We talk a lot about the terrible things going on in these perilous times, and we’re all on information overload. I for one am guilty of neglecting to apply prayer often enough. It occurred to me what an impact we would have if we all stopped, even for just a moment, and … Read More

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