Revealing Private Drone Footage of Paradise Aftermath

In these videos, two motorcyclists bravely venture into the area of Paradise to launch a private drone and check out the damage for themselves. In it, you can clearly see the military vehicles and aberrant nature of the fires. Are we GETTING this? “For our battle is not against flesh … Read More

Smart Meter Lawsuits: CASES WON!!!! 

Encouraging news in the fight to Stop Smart Meters Summary of Selected Smart Meter Lawsuits This information was obtained with permission from It is in the process of being updated- please bear with us and if you have any information to add please e-mail us. Links on how to … Read More

Nano Health Solutions in a 21st Century AI World (Part II)

Science fiction has become science fact as occult-inspired technologies work to create a grid totally controlling all life on earth. People are largely unaware of, not only chemtrails and EMF dangers, but how these are designed to work together to bring the entire population to its knees. The horrors of … Read More

Dr. Naomi Wolf Posts on Social Media About 5G Small Cell Towers in NYC.

Others Also Report Health Effects on Themselves and Their Pets. By B.N. Frank Over the last few months, there has been A LOT more media coverage about harm caused from exposure to digital and wireless technology – especially in regard to 4G and 5G small cell towers which are popping up everywhere.  Even Dr. Oz featured a segment about … Read More

Neurosurgeon Shows How Low Levels of Radiation Such As Wi-Fi, Smart Meters And Cell Phones Cause The Blood Brain Barrier To Leak

This report in Prevent Disease and the embedded videos were published in 2012. Since then, definitive links between cell phone radiation and cancer have been established. Prevent Disease | Marco Torres (From 2012) Neurosurgeon and researcher Dr. Leif Salford has conducted many studies on radio frequency radiation and its effects on … Read More

‘Smart’ meters: Admission of IN-HOME SURVEILLANCE FOR PROFIT

The Supreme Court says the fourth amendment applies to cell phone tracking. The Supreme Court handed down a landmark opinion today in Carpenter v. United States, ruling 5-4 that the Fourth Amendment protects cell phone location information. In an opinion by Justice Roberts, the Court recognized that location information, collected by cell providers … Read More

Rwanda Joins France and Outlaws the Use of Cell Phones in Schools So Students Can Concentrate on Education

As utility companies in the US continue their criminal roll out of Smart Meters on American homes, other countries are acknowledging the dangers of wireless technologies and and restricting their use, particularly around children. Activist Post | June 20, 2018 By B.N. Frank Announced last week in Rwanda, The Ministry of Education decided that primary … Read More

Tennessee Opt Out Bill Would Undermine Federal Program

Tennesseans: Please join us on Facebook to help raise awareness and get this bill passed: Tennessee Bill Would Allow Customers to Opt Out of Smart Meters, Undermine Federal Program Off Now NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 23, 2018) – A bill introduced in the Tennessee Senate would allow customers to opt out of … Read More

Medical Expert Speaks About Devastating Health Consequences of Smart Meters

An 2012 interview with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt about evidence of damage to human health from “smart” meters. Utility companies are racing to replace electricity, gas and water meters worldwide with new generation “smart” meters at an unprecedented rate and calls to representatives are largely being ignored. TAKE ACTION: Call your … Read More

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