An Evaluation of Tres Dias / Cursillo Weekend Movements

UPDATED 6/24/16 “What the Church needs today is unity!” That’s what I often hear from Tres Dias members and  leaders. While there are many scriptures encouraging believers to be of one mind, one accord, and to live in unity, we are never told to comprise the truth. Ecumenism encourages believers to come together in … Read More

Cursillo: Puppets Of The Papacy – Building The One World Religion

As current events make it evident that we are facing the darkest of times preceding our Lord’s return, the enemy is distracting believers from walking in power and thwarting his plans. Instead of believers focusing on abiding in Christ and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, (humility, forgiveness … Read More

The Effects of Cursillo / Tres Dias

HHA Brian V Janssen In two previous articles we have explored the historical origins and the semi-Pelagian theological perspective underpinning the Cursillo movement as well as the unscrupulous psycho-social techniques which are used to create the dramatic effect.  In this final installment, we will discuss the long-term effects of the Cursillo … Read More

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