Legalistic Teachings Refuted

This is the product of a few years of answering questions from legalism of all shapes and sizes. I hope it helps. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Religion: The Opiate of the Masses

Christian Observer | Yvonne Nachtigal A common argument believers encounter is that Christianity is just another religion and religions were created to control the masses. History shows us that the second part of that argument is true; since the beginning of time, religion has absolutely been used by the elite … Read More

Sacred Names | Deception in the Christian Truth Movement

CO | Yvonne Nachtigal | Edited 4/1/18* “Divine Names: Like Holy Keys. Kabbalah reveals that the entire Torah is dependant upon G-d’s Names. Your enthusiasm is far greater than your question… You, my brother and soul mate, have asked me to show you the pathway to the Names of the … Read More

The New Covenant And The Sabbath / Hebrew Roots Movement & Seventh Day Adventism

If you prefer to read rather than watch a video, here is a link to the pdf.   Get this video in book form at Amazon:… This film is a detailed study of the bible about the concept of the Sabbath. As the Sabbath cannot be full understood without a good … Read More

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