Air Force Admits They Can Control Weather – HAARP

By Susan Duclos (from 2014) Watch the question and answer session below: While HAARP and weather control has been called a “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream media and government officials, during a Senate hearing on Wednesday, David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering, dropped a bombshell in answer to a question asked by Lisa … Read More

HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare

GlobalResearch This carefully documented article on Weather Warfare was first published by Global Research on August 1, 2010. Some small edits have been made. The CBC, History Channel and documentaries quoted in the article can now be viewed. “It isn’t just conspiracy theorists who are concerned about HAARP. The European … Read More

California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons

Aircrap Yes, this is the EXACTITUDE OF DESTRUCTION offered by AI (artificial intelligence) – run directed energy weapons attacks dependent upon our ionized, electrified atmosphere: structures gone, trees intact. For the military mind, it’s impressive, indeed. All the nano-aluminum particles in the buildings and soil after years of drought, years … Read More

Dr. Michio Kaku Warns That “All Hell Is Ready to Break Loose” (from 2014)

Reposted from 11/10/2014 As weather events continue to worsen in severity and magnitude and the media promotes “climate change” as the cause, many are still not aware of the technological capability of world powers to engineer the weather. In this 2014 article from the Common Sense Show, renown scientist, Michio Kaku … Read More

All Digital TV Broadcast Signal (Silent Sound Mind Control Technology)

Why is it so difficult to reach some people with the truth? Maybe we should consider SSSS, a technology which can be implemented through the HDTV in your own home. This article was written 8 years ago(!) by Gary Rea (from 2009) The mind-altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology: the Silent … Read More

Trumpet Sound in the Sky Over Jerusalem

October 1, 2016 Folks, please don’t be impressed that anything supernatural is going on here! There have been strange cloud and sound occurrences happening for years now and none of it has been supernatural. This is easily created by technologies that we know about. Just go to my page on HAARP … Read More

Mass Mind Control – Technologies That Control Human Behavior – Government Scientist Reveals

HHA | Yvonne Nachtigal Can the government control (and read) your mind directly, causing physical symptoms such as headaches, the inability to concentrate or even cancer? From the extreme, deliberate creation of multiple programmed personalities, to the individual targeting, intimidation, and elimination of citizens who dare to think critically, there … Read More

Floating Cities? First China: Now ‘parallel universe floating city’ appears over seaside at HASTINGS

“And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” If this isn’t a hoax or somehow naturally explainable (which it could very well be), it sure looks like Project Bluebeam practicing for the return of … Read More

PROOF of Hurricane Control, Bahamas, Bermuda, oct 2015

This is an amazing video! It shows ABSOLUTE PROOF, of Hurricane control, using the classified Ionospheric Heater technology. Hurricane Joaquin was deliberately steered into the Bahamas, and then, to Bermuda. These island nations are not paying the Wall Street gangsters their Hurricane protection money, so the corrupt US Military commanders … Read More

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