The Fourth Horseman Of The Apocalypse – Sharon Gilbert

HHA | 12/2/2014   “If you like it, share it!” SPECIAL GUEST: Sharon K. Gilbert Detroit goes dark…Drudge and WND websites down this morning….FBI warnings about cyber-attacks….what is happening?  Are you ready?  Rick’s guest today is Sharon K. Gilbert, author of Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. YOUTUBE … Read More

More Evidence EbolaGate Is False Flag Strategy

HHA | 11/24/2014 Just in case you’re still unclear on what all this Ebola “scare” is about… Jon Rappoport | Contributor | I have presented this information, in depth, in other recent articles. Here I present the bare bones. Q: What is the major psychological factor at work here? A: Above all … Read More

Governments Seize Colloidal Silver Being Used To Treat Ebola Patients, Says Advocate

HHA | 11/9/2014 (NaturalNews) Efforts to bring natural Ebola treatments to suffering West Africans have been squelched by the World Health Organization (WHO), which recently blocked multiple shipments of nanosilver solution measuring at 10 parts per million (ppm) from entering the region, leaving thousands to suffer needlessly. WHO officials also … Read More

US Army Withheld Promise From Germany That Ebola Virus Wouldn’t Be Weaponized

HHA | 10/26/2014 High Government Official In Germany Seeks Washington’s Reassurance that the US DID NOT WEAPONIZE the Species of Ebola which Germany Made Available to Washington. Washington has not provided the reassurance. The arrogance and inhumanity of Washington is beyond comprehension. RT | October 20, 2014 US Army withheld promise from … Read More


CO Release Of Aerosolized Virus; Deaths To Frighten Americans To Demand Use Of Unproven Vaccines And Drugs | Bill Sardi | 10/16/2014 There is no ethical way to conduct a study of anti-Ebola virus vaccines and drugs in humans.  You can’t intentionally inject individuals with a deadly virus and then give an … Read More

Executive Order For Ebola Quarantine ALREADY in place

HHA | 10/16/2014 Jimstonefreelance October 16 2014 Looking for that Border Patrol report that states Fema is preparing for 200,000,000 million American deaths in the near future that Examiner published and deleted? 🙂 HERE IT IS! 😉 The Liberian Daily Observer confirms Nana Kwame’s testimony Red cross did indeed inject people who subsequently … Read More


HHA | 10/16/2014 If this report out of Africa is right, then LA Marzulli is right on the money. It also coincides with how the FDA and other government organizations are coming out so strongly in opposition of essential oils and other natural methods of warding off disease. All I can … Read More

Prepping For Ebola

HHA | 10/13/14 What can we do to protect ourselves and our families from Ebola?  Here are a few things I found. Oregano and Clove Oil Kill Ebola 8/9/ 2014 | Don Jaide Oregano oil and Clove oil are very strong anti-viral essential oils. Stock up on these in case you … Read More

Ebola – Help Your Body Defend Itself!

HHA | 10-14-2014 NaturalNews With the threat of the Ebola virus spreading, there is a need to understand what natural options are readily available to you in case you don’t want to be subjected to conventional medical treatments and infected patients in hospitals. The only proven system to help eradicate the … Read More

Ebola In 9 States – Media Blackout

HHA | 10-14-2014 ANP  | Susan Duclos A number of urgent updates are discussed in the video below, where multiple private and trusted sources have confirmed a few events of great importance, including the bombshell that Ebola has been confirmed in 9 of 50 states in America, and that there has been a news blackout over this to … Read More

Ebola: Conspiracy

HHA By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D. October 13, 2014 The Obama Administration has simultaneously endeavored to minimize the significance of the threat posed by the ebola virus and avoid taking responsible steps to reduce the spread of the deadly virus. That obfuscation and inaction has placed the American people … Read More

Ebola solution to global population explosion – Jean-Marie Le Pen suggests

HHA | 10/10/2014   Virus ‘could sort out demographic explosion’ and by extension Europe’s ‘immigration problem’, says founder of Front National   The Guardian Jean-Marie Le Pen, 85, is standing as an MEP for Marseille, south-east France, in this week’s European parliament elections. Photograph: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder … Read More

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