Mind Control Technology – Documents

Here are some PDF documents about various mind control technologies.

Mind Control – Dr Nick Begich

Mind Control Human Rights – Nick Begich/ Bridget Thornton

Advanced Neural Implants and Control – Daryl R. Kipke Associate Professor Department of Bioengineering Arizona State University

Soviet Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research – DIA

Paraphyics R&D Warsaw Pact  –  DIA

Controlled Offensive Behavior – USSR Defense Intelligence Agency – DIA

Science & Technology for New DoD Capabilities – Naval Research Laboratory

Interactive Neuronal and Nanoelectronic/photonic Circuits – Brown University

Darpatech 2002 Symposium – Transforming Fantasy – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars  – Richard Alan Miller

USSR Hypnosis at a Distance Defense Intelligence Agency – CIA

Human Research Protection Program – Department of the NAVY ~ Office of the Secretary – SECNAV Instructions 3900.39D

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