Utility Company Callously Installs Smart Meter on Home of People With Health Vulnerabilities (My Husband and I)

Utility Company Callously Installs Smart Meter on Home of People With Health Vulnerabilities (My Husband and I)

As many of you know, my brain tumor battle in 2011 is what launched the journey culminating in this website. That journey once again became very personal this week as I battled a smart meter installation on our home. I’ve spent the past two weeks contacting senators, government agencies, professionals and activists in an effort to stop what is a completely illegal move on the part of the utility company. Last July I sent 32 certified copies of Jerry Day’s Letter of Notice to the utility and various government and regulatory offices. All to no avail. The bottom line is that I found laws in place to protect citizens of Tennessee but no one willing to enforce them.

Here’s the video of my encounter with the men who came to install the meter yesterday. I’m embarrassed that my voice was so shaky and my upset so obvious, but I wanted to document what was happening.

***There is currently a senate bill under summer review in Tennessee: SB# 1679.

Tennessee residents, please contact Senator Mark Green’s office in support of this bill!***  http://www.capitol.tn.gov/senate/members/s22.html

American Cancer Society Press Release: http://pressroom.cancer.org/NTP2016

Military Official Statement: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IKJDOWntYBVYc6pl_N1I0DOKsae1U159

Lloyds of London Policy Exemption: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ViPz-MrAntF3ZqBuMr2OSxu_MbQkDyD2

Declaration of Dr David Carpenter: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YZk6RdW38qfLVOt6nGipGU4Hj5Bt-3Sd

Smartmetereducationnetwork: http://smartmetereducationnetwork.com


  1. YCNightingale says:

    I agree Eric. Thanks for that information.

  2. Eric Lectic says:

    In California, there is an ad campaign to indict PG&E (power company) in the recent (late summer/early fall 2017) flash fires which decimated large residential tracts north of San Francisco. It’s about smart-meters, and the Town of Petaluma (and others) seeing a large grassroots movement opposing the forced installation of smart-meters there. The regions where the bulk of the activists (fighting the imposition of smart-meters) were the ones targeted by the fires, which all bear unmistakable fingerprints of having been caused through directed energy technologies. This is of course all part of Agenda 21 getting to work in re-zoning residential areas, especially affluent ones, to non-residential ones. The point is, the current ad campaign to indict PG&E (whose board is Rothschild-controlled) is itself a false flag or psy-op; these fires were NOT caused primarily by PG&E’s negligence regarding fire hazards, etc. (though that company may certainly have been guilty of that too, or in past cases)

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