Revivals Pt 18: The Counterfeit “Enlightenment” Pt3: Islam in the Bible(?)

We’ve been looking at the history of the “enlightenment thought” that the Revivalists were all so determined to seed into Protestantism. Knowing these thoughts originated in the antiquities of Aristotle, Plato and the like, I wondered how this occult worldview had suddenly re-emerged – right alongside the Reformation. Many of … Read More

Revivals Pt 17: The Counterfeit “Enlightenment” Pt2: The Dark Ages & The Golden Age of Islam

Continued from part 16… The Moors and the Enlightenment The Islamic Golden Age refers to the years during which the “Classical Knowledge” of Antiquity (Mystery School knowledge) flourished in the Muslim world. The Islamic Golden Age predates Europe’s Enlightenment by several centuries. Wikipedia’s article on the Islamic Golden Age explains … Read More

Counting Rockets: A Few Thoughts on the War in Israel

After all the “I Stand With Israel” memes I encountered during my morning scroll, I decided to pop my head up from working on the Pentecostalism piece to share some quick thoughts on the current events in Israel. To create the popular Dispensational / Futurist eschatology (that “end-times” teaching nearly … Read More

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