A friend recently sent me a link to a (yet another) new book about near death experiences (NDE’s): “God and the Afterlife” by Jeffrey Long. I wasn’t surprised to find that it offers the same misleading perspective on NDE’s that I’ve encountered almost exclusively .

My near death experience is what sparked my interest in the New World Order topics, since, after my NDE, I was somehow aware of certain things like chemtrails, and something being spiritually “off” in mainstream Christianity, all culminating in the creation of this website. I’ve learned quite a bit over the past 6 years and have been working on my own book about NDE’s for a while. It’s taking some time since I’d be remiss to tell this story without examining the phenomena in light of scripture and what’s taking place in the world today, which includes great spiritual deception. I believe NDE’s are being used as part of that deception.

Will (Youtuber; Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction) put together this wonderful video after some email conversations we’ve had on the subject.

YouTube video




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