Water Crisis Hype In California!

WATER CRISIS – HYPE . . Too Many People, Not Enough Water – Now and 2700 Years Ago . . .INSIDER COMMENT:  Do not let the psyops media campaign frighten you about the scarcity of water . . .The Earth is the Water Planet and continuously produces water from within, in-fact, water is a RENEWABLE.  We have an abundance of water. . .  WHY would the corporate government agencies create the false science of water scarcity and the fear we are running out of water?  The goal is CONTROL, MONEY and Creating compliance to water monitoring, required reduced water use and charging higher usage costs all based upon our ignorance of where water really comes from.  Sadly, out of FEAR many people will forfeit their ranches, farms and livelihoods believing they are out of water due to the drought. . .

Primary Water is in abundance and we MUST start looking down for water instead of up!

To Learn the WATER FACTS go to to the Primary Water link which will also link to the Primary Water Institute – the evidence will provide you with the knowledge to combat the corporate media fear campaign. . . and spread this TRUTH to everyone you know, and demand your cities access the Primary Water to recharge the ground water basins that have been over pumped.

We cannot continue to be tricked for the benefit of those that intend to privatize the water for PROFITS and CONTROL . . .
WATCH the YouTube –  Water Crisis Hoax
Primary Water is good news and will provide you with the TRUTH. . .

The illustration shown and explained in the youtube below was made solely by the Primary Water Institute, the pioneers in Primary Water Information.  For more information goto

YouTube video

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The Primary Water Institute – More Scientific Evidence “Water is a RENEWABLE”


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