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A very strange microwave anomaly was detected pulsing into the center of Hurricane Gonzalo on October 16th 2014 — the day the storm turned Northward towards Bermuda.

hurricane gonzalo Mimic tpw microwave pulse oct 16 2014

Screenshot at the zenith of the pulse event:

gonzalo microwave pulseaa


This makes the THIRD hurricane off the East coast where we’ve seen something like this happen.

In 2012, we saw something VERY similar pulsing into the center of Hurricane Sandy (‘frankenstorm’) which hit New England fairly hard.

Full post on the Hurricane Sandy Microwave pulse anomaly from 2012 here:

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You can watch my video from 2012 covering the Hurricane Sandy Microwave pulse anomaly here:

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Gonzalo , and Sandy are not alone… there was ANOTHER microwave pulse event in the last hurricane to cause the East coast a problem,  Hurricane Irene…



You can watch my video from 2011 covering Hurricane Irene’s microwave pulse anomaly here:

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Full post with much more documentation on weather modification here:

High power microwave systems are responsible for the vortex formation.

How does this occur?

watch the experiment done by the Weather Channel here:

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How do High Power Microwaves, Lasers, and even lower power Radio Frequency induce weather phenomenon?

Dr. Michio Kaku explains the physics behind “electron cascade” caused by high power transmissions.


Summed up, high power transmissions (when targeted at an area in the sky) can literally strip ions from electrons in the atmosphere. The ions , with their base magnetic charge, act like dust particles in the atmosphere, which collect molecules of H20, then condense into actual rain.

These particles are called “CCN”, or Cloud Condensation Nuclei.

lasers weather control weather modificationLaser_cloud_2654078b

If you put both scientific facts together ….

1. High Power Microwaves induce rotation

2. High Power targeted transmisions induce CCN formation

Knowing that both above statements are true, it then stands to reason that 2ghz targeted microwave “RADAR transmissions” can induce rotation, and precipitation.

The RADAR is causing storms to form near the transmitter, and between transmitters.

Curious how it all works? How can microwaves induce or reduce vortex rotation? Watch here:

Much more here:

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Shorter version of the above 4 part video:

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