Maui Lake Turns Pink/Magenta | A Public Ritual?

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A lake on Maui has recently turned pink and mainstream media is reporting it across all platforms.

“A pond in Hawaii looks like something right out of a fairy tale. Water at the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, one of the few coastal salt marshes on the island of Maui, has been bright pink since at least October 30, officials say, after its salt content surged amid an extreme drought. “ –

We know that anything coming from mainstream media is a deliberate manipulation of public perception, right?

Who Knew?

Is this just me?  I’ve been living on this world for a while now and I have to say that the subject of pink aka magenta lakes is something I’ve never run across.

But today, if you Google the phenomenon, you’ll find articles about pink lakes all over the world. All the articles I found about pink lakes are recent (within about 4 years).

What makes lakes turn pink?

The mainstream articles refer to an algae called Dunaliella salina that causes lakes to change color. Here’s what Wikipedia has about it.

Dunaliella salina is a type of halophile unicellular green algae especially found in hypersaline environments, such as salt lakes and salt evaporation ponds. Known for its antioxidant activity because of its ability to create large amount of carotenoids, it is responsible for most of the primary production in hypersaline environments worldwide” –

This stuff seems to be popping up everywhere.

“If visiting pink lakes in the world is on your bucket list, you have come to the right place. In collaboration with other travel bloggers, this blog post enlists some of the most stunning natural phenomena you can see around the globe. “

And of course they are cultivating it:

“From a first pilot plant for D. salina cultivation for β-carotene production established in the USSR in 1966, the commercial cultivation of D. salina for the production of β-carotene throughout the world is now one of the success stories of halophile biotechnology…  Different technologies are used, from low-tech extensive cultivation in lagoons to intensive cultivation at high cell densities under carefully controlled conditions.” –

So, if this is “normal,” why is the media so excited about it?

Where else have we seen Magenta recently?

YouTube video

(video cued) In IPG2 a Magenta lotus flower comes from the apple, symbolizing the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden.

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Notice the Magenta lotus flowers in the sea (video cued again)… When the church is destroyed, there is nothing left but Magenta and a Magenta sea.

YouTube video

The lotus ascends (Vatican/RCC). In 2017  Trump presented Pope Francis with a lotus sculpture called “Rising Above.”

So, what is it about Magenta? I know that I don’t LIKE Magenta lights. A neighboring house has a magenta porch light and the thing irritates the heck out of me. 🤨

Magenta: The color that doesn’t exist!

“Magenta does not have a wavelength on this visible spectrum, as it is a mixture of the red (700nm) and blue (470nm) wavelengths. When these two colors combine, our eyes and brain perceive them as magenta – a new color not corresponding to any single wavelength of light.” –

Thought: A false light? 🤔

“Magenta in Spirituality: Magenta is believed to have spiritual properties that are associated with the crown chakra, which is located in the top of the head. The crown chakra is associated with spiritual enlightenment and connection to the divine. Magenta is believed to help balance the crown chakra and to promote spiritual growth and awareness.” –


In Alchemy Magenta is associated with mastering change and harnessing the light of transformation.

“According to spiritual beliefs, Magenta flowers are believed to symbolize transformation and spiritual growth… Magenta flower acts as a catalyst that helps people look inward and explore their true selves. It stimulates the consciousness, making it easier for people to connect with their intuition and divine guidance. Therefore, magenta flowers are often used in meditation practices to deepen the spiritual connection and enhance the overall meditation experience…

In ancient Greek mythology, Magenta flowers were associated with the goddess Artemis, who was the goddess of the hunt and the moon. It was believed that magenta flowers were her favorite flowers, and they were often used in her worship.

There are conflicting stories as to where the color Magenta got its name. The word “magenta” comes from the Latin word ‘magnus’, which means great, large, or magnificent. The name is derived from the pigment made by mixing red and blue together.

According to, Magenta was named in honor of a battle.

“magenta (n.)

Brilliant crimson aniline dye, also the color it produces, 1860, named in honor of the Battle of Magenta in Italy” –,

Magenta: A Roman emperor. A bloody battle. While most color words have their origins in long lists of dusty etymological explanations, the origin of the word magenta, a purplish-pink hue, is worthy of a summer blockbuster….. Magenta is the name of a town in northwestern Italy. While no one knows for sure, historians speculate the town may have been named for Marcus Maxentius, a Roman general—and later an emperor—who had his headquarters there in the 4th century.” 

Thought: Is the name of a color that only exists in our PERCEPTION symbolic of the spiritual battle ( Eph. 6) against mankind to bring people into total slavery/bondage via technology? Keep in mind the occult always works through PERCEPTION.

The website credits the discovery and naming of the color to Goethe (1749-1832).

“The colour phenomena known as MAGENTA was given its name by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the late 1700’s. To this patron of the arts, theatrical director and widely acclaimed author of master works such as Faust, colour was an enigma well beyond producing seven colours with a sunbeam and a piece of clear glass. Spanning more than thirty years, his classic colour experiments culminated in the mysterious marvel called Theory of Colours, first published in German in 1810.” –

Interestingly, Goethe was an occultist. From the same website:

“If you see the colour MAGENTA as being in between Violet and Red, you will see the metaphor for Absolution of Duality. It is only possible to experience the living of Heaven (Violet) on Earth (Red), when polarities no longer exist.” – ibid

Playing out their script

The official explanation of the lake on Maui (and others around the world) turning pink is that the lake dehydrated, which concentrated the salt in it… So, this algae is the only thing that survives.

How the lakes dehydrate (Heat, drought) and seeding the lakes with Dunaliella salina are both easily accomplished with chemtrails.

We’d need to look into the history of each pink lake to speculate whether there’s any rhyme or reason to how they select the lakes… Maybe some are actually a natural phenomenon, but the one on Maui blatantly coincides with the recent mass sacrifice there. Considered together with all the publicity they’re giving it, I’m convinced this is a public ritual.

Here’s another question; If the explanation offered by science is true, then why is the Dead Sea not pink? It’s plenty hot there…

Don’t be impressed when a great “miracle” turns it Magenta. All they need to do is introduce the algae.

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.  (Rev. 17: 4-5)

I’ll conclude with Phillip Mauro’s reference to the above passage to ward off the intended carnal apocalyptic misdirect of magenta lakes.

“There is a link between this vision and the series of vial judgments in the circumstance that the angel by whom John was taken to the place where he was to see it, was one of the seven angels that had the seven golden vials. It is connected specially with the third vial by the words which describe the woman as “drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus (v.6).

These visions of judgments subsequent to the pouring out of the vials afford clear and certain proof that the Book is divided into groups, and that there is a constant returning in later visions to ground that has been already traversed…

[T]he woman is a “mystery“; that is to say there is that about her which could not be known without further revelation from God. The mystery lay in the real character of her relations with the kings and inhabitants of the earth… The statement that she was seen in the wilderness puts before us a contrast with that other woman in the wilderness (Chapter XII). And since the latter represented the company of God’s true people in the world, the Israel of God, this other woman must represent that which claims to be the company of God’s elect, but in reality is in league with the powers of earth… This then is the false “Church”, which has had a recognizable existence in the world since the fourth century, and which had had its most conspicuous exemplification in Catholicism.  All the symbols and descriptive items confirm this view…

It is needful… to bear in mind that the vision shows us the very last development of that system of falsehood, cruelty, and spiritual harlotry, which this woman represents; and further that the full development is yet to come. For here we see the very last stage of beast government…

The reader should recall at this point what was said in Chapter 13:18, as to the ultimate development of the religion of man (Humanism), by the amalgamation of the various religious factions, which howevermuch they may differ among themselves, agree in this, that they exalt man, and deny the faith of Jesus Christ. For this woman is not only herself a harlot, but is expressly “the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth“, an abomination being an idol, or anything that is worshipped and trusted. This “mother church” will do doubt gather her daughters to her ample bosom ere the end comes.” – Philip Mauro Things Which Must Soon Come To Pass, pgs 482-483

Stay watchful. Be in His Word.

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