NEW BOOK! Glimpse of Glory! A Critical Examination of Near Death Experiences by Yvonne Nachtigal

MUCH MORE than another book about Near Death Experiences, Glimpse of Glory is the result of more than 5 years of research. It is the story of how God sustained me through a seven-year-battle with an undiagnosed brain tumor, but also how, after the surgery and NDE, I was somehow aware of an immense, rising deception in the world.

Taking the reader along through my awe-inspiring supernatural experience and the ensuing research that challenged beliefs I’d held throughout my life that culminated in the creation of this website. Noting the prevalent occult theme in NDE accounts (“Oneism”), I examine Near Death experiences from the perspectives of science and of spirituality and follow the threads of Oneism, which is depicted in Kabbalah, to its shocking origins, and reveal its growing presence, not only in science but also in the organized church.

Finally, I take a fresh look at the miraculous simplicity(!) of the gospel, the power of God unto salvation! (Rom 1:16)

All glory and praise to God for leading me through this journey and providing the many people along the way without whom I would never have been able to complete this!

Glimpse of Glory is available on

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