The Poisoning, Bankruptcy and Poverty of Geoengineering

Geoengineering, also known as chemtrailing, is the cause of climate change.  The artificial changing of the climate has been a hard sell to the public; so hard, in fact, that it was easier to convince the public that they were the cause of climate change than to convince them that governments or corporations purposefully altered weather for pre-determined reasons.

Nancy Levant


For decades the world’s people were willing to stand accused of acid rain, droughts, floods, air pollution, crop failures, ozone holes, hurricanes and tornadoes, tsunamis, melting ice caps, and anything else their tell-a-visions and mini-screens told them they caused.  In truth, it was simply easier to stand accused than to become educated and deductively consider the facts, timing, and results of “changed” weather. It was somehow easier to sarcastically blame “chemtrails” on “conspiracy theorists” than to see them; the same blindness as occurred in Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Nanking, the Armenians in Turkey, and many others.  This flaw in humanity makes democide wildly repetitive, and it makes reusable the genocide/democide game plan century after century. As such, let us consider the upgraded version of the game plan:


All biological life, soil, rain, snow, ground water and air are poisoned by depleted uranium, aluminum, strontium, barium, sulfates, and other chemical or metallic compounds, and particularly in nano-particulate formats as they are impossible to eliminate, are breathed, are absorbed, and are eaten.  All nature is covered with these compounds.  Historically, poisons have been sprayed in the forms of manufactured viruses or diseases, Agent Orange, crop dusting, nerve agents such as sarin, hydrogen cyanide, mustard gas, chlorine gas, anthrax, botulinun, plague, salmonella, smallpox, etc.  All have been used, sprayed, implanted, and placed with the intent to cause human sickness and death.

With the advent of nano-technology and geoengineering (aerial spraying), dispersal methods are today far-reaching, immediate, and all-inclusive; hence, the poisoning game plan remains active and includes all of nature.  Poisons can, today, blanket the planet.



The immediate results of blanketing of the earth with poisons coupled with the ability to alter rainfall are two-fold; that of crop and water destruction. Crop and water destruction result in guaranteed business and commerce failures, particularly for small or local business operations. If drought is scheduled for specific regions, crop failures can be guaranteed.  If poisons are also deployed with weather changing operations, soil and water destruction are also guaranteed, which ensures that future crops and viable water are diminished or altogether eliminated.

Today’s use of Nano-particulate aluminum, strontium and barium in aerial spraying 1) alters sunlight and weather, 2) poisons soil, water, rain, snow and air, and 3) permanently alters the PH of soil, whereby damaging all future growth of flora and animals who subsist on flora such as cattle, sheep, goats, swine, fowl, an insects; all required for food chain industries to exist.  Once poisoned or sickened, food sources diminish and food businesses fail; hence, the reason for the loss of small grocery store operations, independent restaurants, mom and pop garden industries, and readily available local food and bounty. Globally, even backyard gardeners are experiencing the results of drought, flooding, and plants that do not grow normally or to maturity. Today only altered seed, particularly Monsanto’s aluminum-resistant, drought-resistant and sterilized seed, grows in today’s highly toxic soils; all of which caused by the spraying of multiple poisons.



Altering weather is altering biological sustenance.  Aerial spraying of nano-particulate heavy metals into the atmosphere dims sunlight, the essential element of sustenance on earth.  Diminished sunlight, today diminished by 22%, changes evaporation which changes rainfall.  Drought is a direct result of geoengineered or altered weather.  As sunlight, soil and water are the fundamentals of plant and animal food production, changes to these fundamentals cause massive reductions in plant and animal food sources.  This is best understood in Africa.  However, the American West is experiencing aerial spraying-induced drought to such a degree that today large animal operations experience a 40% reduction in animal viability.  No one can afford cattle operations, for example, without grazing/grass-feeding. No one can afford to feed several thousand animals solely with Monsanto corn, nor can cattle remain alive eating only Monsanto corn where, in fact, the animal had to be force-taught to eat corn.

When people cannot grow plants or animals on contaminated soil or provide non-toxic water, poverty rapidly ensues. Geoengineering/aerial spraying caused the droughts in Africa, India, and much of Asia where the resulting and devastating impoverishment is clearly obvious and ongoing.  Today the American West, due to relentless spraying over the Pacific Ocean, is experiencing the same artificial climate change that is devastating not only food chain businesses but also the ability to grow personal-use food that for centuries sustained entire communities.  Once plants and animals cannot be grown, extreme poverty is guaranteed.  Death is guaranteed as is clearly demonstrated in Africa

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Why are governments geoengineering the entire planet?

Depopulation has been a long-term goal of government-led elites for many decades and clearly intentioned by the 1950’s. Such plans have been coupled with world wars, abortion, Alzheimer’s and other chronic and epidemic diseases such as AIDS, the global use of sprayed poisons, and today’s technological uses of sprayed nano-particulate heavy metal poisons, viruses, bacterial compounds, and newly created biotechnology organisms, such as Morgellon’s disease.


It is estimated that by mid-century, between 2035 to 2050, half of all current jobs (employment) will be computerized/robotized, leaving at least one-half of humanity without a means of sustenance, one to two generations from today.  Couple this fact with today’s epidemic youth joblessness on a global scale.  Couple these facts with the reality that due to the world wars of the Twentieth Century, at least 250,000,000 people were eliminated, and that by 2012 the world had aborted one billion fetuses.  Today marriage and reproduction are also discouraged as are religions that encourage reproduction.  The United Nations and its global members, as well as billionaires such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Ted Turner, and many others, have organized global missions to discourage reproduction, and the food and pharmaceutical giants are producing sterilizing agents which are introduced into food, vaccines, water and other drugs. Then consider the global ignoring of Fukushima, which could have resulted from another climate change technology, that of earthquakes caused by fracking, pulsing, or oceanic nuclear detonations.

In truth, today all weather is controlled, and climate change is enacted.  As a result, people, plants and animals will continue to degrade in health, food industry bankruptcies will rapidly continue to rise, and poverty will rapidly continue to escalate even in the wealthiest of nations as we clearly recognize. As most nations have been purposefully bankrupted by global economics, personal poverty continues to grow at unabated rates while food, water and sunlight are being systematically used as weapons against humanity’s only means of sustenance.

Ultimately, it does not matter what you call it, whether conspiracy theory, geoengineering, aerial spraying, or simply choosing ignorance and blindness; the results are conclusive.  The world will, in fact, depopulate by massive numbers, food will become wildly expensive and unnatural, and at the same time impossible to grow without altered and modified seed, and the large animal industries will cease to exist for all but the wealthy.  Joblessness will continue to rise and, for certain, another world war will ensue once “economics” cannot sustain the world’s billionaires prior to their forthcoming computerized/robotized labor forces.


On that note, keep in mind that most of the today’s world labor forces are 1) trafficked bodies, 2) sweat shop bodies, or 3) incarcerated bodies; in other words, free laborers/slaves. Today, these are the largest labor forces on earth, most working for room and board, and cost-free to corporations. Make note that most others are 1) unemployed, 2) on welfare programs, and/or 3) part-timers, globally.  By mid-Twenty-first Century, half of all jobs will not be performed by people; therefore, the need for human beings will not exist, particularly when most of the world’s working people are now slave laborers.


There is a reason for depopulation.  There is a reason for food and water corruption and depletion.  There is a reason for geoengineering, which is missioned to destroy human sustenance. You can call that anything you want to call it, but you cannot deny the poisoning, bankruptcy and poverty, because they have arrived, globally, in tandem, and they are here to eliminate the bulk of humanity.


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